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Because of changing lives and availabilities of current & former SSMs, we´re looking for a new cohort of 3-4 volunteers. This is your chance to nominate yourself or someone else to join the VP Team.

NOTE: We strongly encourage people of color, people with dis/abilities, trans* or genderqueer identified folks (especially transfeminine folks), queer-identified folks, non-U.S.A citizens, people living with HIV/AIDS, and people of faith to apply.

We will begin the first round of email interviews on December 4, 2013 Extended! to December 15th, 2013, so please let us know by then if you're interested.

JOB DESCRIPTION: VaginaPagina Safe Space Maintainer

Being a Safe Space Maintainer and part of the VP Team involves the following responsibilities:

• Read VP and contact_vp daily, with an eye for things that may need maintainer attention.

• Check the VP maintainer community periodically throughout the day and assist with action as needed.

• Check VP email daily and assist in responding to email (you will receive an email address

• Leave DSLRs, address misinformation in the community, draft and issue SSRs and ban or unban with consensus.

• Be willing to assist with VP's special projects as needed, such as the MMMMonday posts and the LRU.


• Knowing that you're doing important, positive and life-changing work

• Filling an important role by helping to educate people about sex in a society that's woefully inadequate at that

• Knowing that you're helping to empower people about their bodies, health and sexuality

• Having something really great to write on your CV/resume (seriously--VP maintainership has helped VP Teamsters acquire Actual Jobs)

• Learning new stuff all the time in an environment that fosters personal/communal growth


• Have or be willing to create a LiveJournal account.

• Take this position as seriously as you would take any paid position.

• Be willing to dedicate approximately 5-10 hours a week (this can vary depending on what's going on) to community maintenance issues. Bonus points for people available during the daytime and/or in non-Eastern time zones.

• Be familiar and comfortable with how LiveJournal communities work.

• Have a great knowledge of social media (such as Facebook, tumblr, Twitter, etc) outside of LiveJournal.

• Have a strong proficiency in English spelling and grammar.

• Be pleasant but also sassy and passionate about VP-related topics. Be willing to work through consensus and as a team, but also able to take initiative in a pinch.

• Be committed to helping VP be an inclusive, anti-oppression space (extra points for people familiar with intersectionality). Be open to alternative perspectives outside of your normal mode of thinking. Along with that, know when to hold your ground and when to admit you've made a mistake.

• Be firmly committed to safe(r) space as it is defined in VP and be thoughtful about how to implement it as a maintainer.

• Be compassionate, honest, tough, fair and consistent.

• Be free of (or willing to let go of) other affiliations that conflict with VP's interests.

INTERESTED? GOT QUESTIONS? Yeah, we thought so. Send an email to us at There is a three-step online application and interview process; more information will be provided once email contact is established.

Feel free to leave questions or nominations in the comments to this post too! All comments on this post will be screened. If you would like to nominate a fellow VP member for mod-ship, please do! And we will contact them privately.

We hope to hear from several of you extra super superstars soon. Until then, please bear with us as we occasionally spam the community with this announcement.


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