Mar. 3rd, 2014

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The links round-up for the week ending 28/02/2014 includes running blood tests with only a drop of blood, an interview with a trans yoga teacher, and exploring sex in a fat body.

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Longtime VPers may already have a basic -- or extensive -- understanding of what endometriosis is. (If not, has some good background information.) And some may also be aware that we're at the beginning of Endometriosis Awareness Week or Endometriosis Awareness Month, depending on location.

During this time, there are often a lot of "endo 101"-type posts -- which are certainly fine and helpful in their own right, but which don't always get at the substance of what it's like living with endo. This year, we'd like to start a conversation about some of the subtler ways endometriosis impacts people's lives.

Cut for length and discussion relating to chronic pain. )

Even with all we did talk about here, we realize there are a lot of facets of endometriosis that we didn't begin to touch on. In the same vein, not all of our experiences are going to be shared by everyone with endo. Endometriosis can manifest in a fair variety of symptoms, and how people react to those symptoms can be quite individual. We did, however, want to start a conversation about endo that goes beyond just a "What is it?" baseline.

So, VPers, what's been your experience with endometriosis -- whether you have it personally, whether you're close to someone who has it, or whether your primary experience of it comes from communities like VP?


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