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Featured content: Virginity on PostSecret

Let's see... I've been terribly remiss: apologies. To the tune of six weeks -- wow, I hadn't realised things had been quite that rough over here. IN ANY CASE, onward!
  • The links round-up for the week ending the 21st of March contains explaining genitals and gender to children; employers, birth control, and the Affordable Care Act; gender-exclusive children's books; and deciding whether to parent.
  • For the week ending the 28th of March, we've got the idea of a "weight problem," young adult heroines and body descriptions, and normalizing obesity.
  • For the week ending the 25th of April, contents include women in combat, 10 things you can't buy with food stamps, a film about beauty standards and its social media campaign, normalizing sexual violence, and the difference between trans* women and drag queens.
  • ... and finally, for this week ending the 4th of May, we have discussion of how patriarchy hurts everyone, police and the investigation of rape, on being unapologetically ugly, and feminism in the yoga studio.

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Yesterday, Post Secret put up this postcard:

We thought it was pretty great, and it's often not the message you hear about virginity and how people feel about their first sexual experiences. How does it make you feel to read it, and how does it mesh with your own experiences?

Note: the Post Secret site can be triggering, so if you're not familiar with it, visit with care.

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