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This week's round-up includes 100 LGBTQ black women you should know, a couple of posts on trigger warnings, a contraceptive that protects against HIV, and neuroscience and strap-ons.

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This past Saturday, March 8th, was the 106th annual International Women's Day.

It's important to celebrate all the ways that women have made progress and taken stands for justice in the past year and here are just a few [click the links for more info!]:

And it is also important to reflect on all the ways that women still have a long way to go… (trigger warning for abortion, murder, rape, and sexual assault)

Ways You Can Inspire Change:

  • Start a conversation with a young girl about her thoughts on current events.

  • Encourage all children to question gender roles.

  • Sign some petitions.

  • Call out unfair language and encourage critical thought in friends and family members.

  • Support media made by women - go see a movie directed by a woman, or a movie with a largely female cast, buy music made by women, read books written by women.

  • Write to trans women (and other trans and queer people) in prison.

  • Read Janet Mock's Redefining Realness for a perspective on cultural constructions of being a "real" woman.

Are there any women in particular you celebrated this year? What other ways can you think of to inspire change?
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